In this paper I have analyzed Shakespeare from a very personal point of view. I know it is very difficult because so many books, essays, etc.  are written about him that it seems impossible. However, I have done it. Watching rather than reading a play is how people in general appreciates more how characters express, move and react in front of different situations. So this time, following with the same topic dealt in my first paper, I have established a comparison between As You Like It (1598-1600), Much Ado About Nothing (1598-99)and Twelfth Night (1600-02).

To do it, I have provided some scenes from Kennet Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing (1993) and the whole film from Twelfth Night‘s BBC production (1980) and As You Like It by Paul Czinner (1936). In these last two films,  in square brackets,  I have taken down the moment in which the dialogues analysed take place.

I have chosen these plays because they portrait the unequal status of women in Renaissance society through strong female characters who are able to express themselves because they are disguised as men (Rosalind and Viola) or introducing humour as he does in Much Ado About Nothing with Beatrice. Apart from that, I chose Twelfth Night because when I saw it in the theatre (although in Valencia being it in Spanish: Noche de Reyes) I felt this play was a real godsend to this paper. On the other hand, Much Ado About Nothing was metaphorically “love at first sight”  because I heard the poem at the beginning of the film in my class about ‘Shakespeare through performance’ at university and I realized that I had to read this play because it looked like interesting to me from a feminist approach.

Moreover, I have written a conclusion to sum up the most important points explained throughout this paper heavily in my opinions.

In the weblography all the references used in this paper have been given. So enjoy it and reflect on it!

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