Here I am going to publish some relevant articles that I am reading for my TFM. First of all, I show you the abstract of my project which is based on critical thinking in adolescents learning English, regarding to Robert J. Sternberg‘s Theory:


The decision of this paper is due to the reflection about the necessity of a methodological change in teaching English as a foreign language in Spain. At present, results obtained in PISA’s report (2012) have given evidence of two serious problems denoted in high school students. One of the most significant results exposed is the fact that Spanish students have shown a low level while learning a second language and the other one is the lack of analytical and creative capacity they develop. Facts which state methodologies used up to this time are not proper to the current educational system, specially in these key aspects. Taking into account this situation, the topic of this paper is the Development of critical thinking in adolescents learning English, so the author’s of this Master’s Thesis will take as a ground the different kinds of thinking proposed by Robert J. Sternberg’s theory. The methodology used in order to do this project involves a theoretical review about thinking styles proposed in the intelligence’s triarchic theory formulated by Sternberg. Subsequent to this, a curricular program for students in their fourth year of ESO will be presented considering their three kinds of intelligence (analytical, creative and contextual). From this proposal, the author’s aim is to find out the way to stimulate creativity, talent and awake whole class interest in learning English and at the same time giving individual response to the learning strategy used by each of them.

Key Words: critical thinking, learning approaches and styles, analytical intelligence,
creative intelligence, contextual intelligence, practical English usage.

Some articles/pages you can take a look in relation to my Master’s Thesis:

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