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Didactic Resources In Teaching




I think Edmodo is a very useful learning platform to share lots of information. I have realized Edmodo is one of the best means of teacher-student communication because it allows students and teachers to be connected through an up-to-date way. It enables you to make suggestions and comments about other classmate’s projects or even giving feedback to them. Regarding to teachers’ side, they can propose activities, work on them or set a deadline. FANTASTIC!!!

On the other hand, I reckon that working in stations you can achieve positive feedback because when you use ICT’S lots of doubts arise. So in group, every member can contribute with his/her particular ideas and skills. Moreover, every student has the opportunity to take an active role being in some way ‘experts’ in different areas. Great results can be obtained through it!!

Finally, learning and studying literature using web pages such as or can motivate students because they are attractive programmes. Adolescents find major motivation working on the internet and nowadays mobile phones or tablets companies offer lots of applications for it.

Interaction should be a must in our English class as future teachers in Spain or in other country and I want to express gratitude to PhD. MA. Lecturer and researcher Laura Angelini for teaching us how to motivate students, the learning key =)



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