Making a Video Shouldn’t Be a Drag. It Should Be Drag & Drop.


GoAnimates mission is to enable businesses, schools, and individuals to make videos — quickly and easily.


Videos could and should be everywhere. Businesses use them to explain complex topics, train employees, or just show their soft side. Teachers and students use them to exercise higher-order learning skills, such as creativity and critical thinking, in the classroom. Individuals use them to make their friends laugh, better visualize their favorite song, or just say, “I miss you” to someone special.


February 26, 2014 I started with it in class and my friends María, Amparo, Mari, Sabina and me enjoyed a lot with our particular love story we created to represent Three Hours Between Planes written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is very funny and interesting because you can create your own characters, to add music, etc.


Moreover, for the story called The Way Up to Heaven written by Roald Dahl, we worked on Station 4 and this was our reflection:

1. There’s a moment in the story where Mrs. Fosters stops and thinks. It is not said in the story but she gets tired of obeying her husband so she decides to do what she likes that is not being late to anywhere and therefore she doesn’t follow her husband’s steps and she decides to make a move.

We think that she went to a process of awareness because she stopped in front of a door for a while realizing that she has gone through the same situation several times.

The way that she uses to change the course of her life is leaving her husband at home without saying anything.

From our point of view, we do justify her actions as she doesn’t do anything wrong and even though her action ends up being a disaster.

3. EDMODO can be used in the three steps of teaching. In the pre-teaching section teacher can upload the rules of some activities, some vidios, etc. so the students can download them or even watch them in Edmodo. In actual teaching they can comment on the activities done by their classmates, making suggestions, voting themselves and getting ideas. In post-teaching it can be used as a reflection where students can receive feedback from the other students and also from the teacher.

4. The door. It symbolizes the moment in which she starts being aware of the situation that she is living. This door has the meaning of a before and after in her life.



6. Yes, it is very useful because they can become aware of their pronunciation and grammatical mistakes when speaking.

7. We will use it as a post-teaching activity once all the objectives, procedures and aims we expect from the students is clear and they know what we expect from them and the results we expect also from them.

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