My first paper’s introduction

This paper goes on and I would like to say that it is an invitation to openly and critically reflect on Shakespeare’s great techniques in writing. There is an amazing world behind each story he wrote.

Last year at university I studied profoundly King Lear and I was surprised by the character embodied by Cordelia. She was loyal, sincere and she didn’t mince her words. For this occasion I have chosen the comedy As You Like It and my satisfaction after reading it is even better than in tragedies. Shakespeare, in this comedy, dealt with feminism and with the theme of love in a modern way and this could be applied in today’s world.

I decided the topic of this paper with the aftertaste that Rosalind, the major character in this comedy, had left in my mouth. So everything turns around this female character and the position she adopts in the play. Considering that she is challenging her patriarchal society, I have decided to divide my work in three main parts. Firstly, I give an overview of women’s position in the Renaissence or Shakespeare’s time without losing sight of Queen Elizabeth I.  In doing so, I have examined Rosalind’s role in the play, her speeches, her thoughts and the importance her male disguise has in this comedy. In addition, I have searched several opinions from different critics to support my point of view.

Afterwards, in my conclusion, you can enjoy reading a summary from the whole paper with justifications and with my personal experiences about it. In it I have collected all the information which I’ve provided previously and my own conclusions about this great female character (Rosalind) and this exceptional writer (Shakespeare) and his most important contributions.

Finally, there is a Weblography of sites which I’ve visited and several sources I have read to become rich about Rosalind and about the comedy in general.

If anybody wants, please put your personal impressions about this character, her disguise or about Shakespeare to contrast or to support my information. Come on, say that you will!

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