My first paper’s introduction

In this paper I have decided I am going to talk about Christina Rosseti because she is a woman and I feel more identified at the moment of doing this work. At the time I sat down in front of my laptop to begin this I was very lost and I wondered what theme could I choose to apply to reader. I turned this round and I started reading several poems from her.

I read and read and I started to feel sensations, impressions, thoughts, etc. and after that, I went to have a look at her biography because I thought she was very liberal, fighter, mischievous around sexuality, etc. and she turned to a deprived woman in her society. So, I had to face this contradiction and my question was: What will come of all this? The answer, obviously, is my first paper called: ‘A ’spinster’  who disguised her true personality and yearnings in verses.’

First of all, I have provided  a biography about Christina Georgina Rossetti to the readers puts them in her life and society morals from the Victorian Era where she lived in.

Later, from all her poems I have chosen: ‘Goblin Market’. A poem claimed for children but with features remarkably sexual and with hope of changing in some way her society. The poem is very long but it appeals to you. It is better if you listen the poem and you enjoy of its rhimes, sensuality and feelings so I have published it, too. Moreover, I found images very handy and I provided to the viewer ‘Goblin Market’ in comic’s format.

After that, when you have  your personal experience about it, you can go through other experiences from me and from different relevant people to take a reliable opinion. I have relationed some aspects of her biography with some from ‘Goblin Market’, specifically features from her personality showed to the audience of Victorian Era and with her family and the characteristics that result from the poem and show a different point of view about her real personality.

Then, I have written four analysis which consist on the most important aspects of her society, which determined her personality. Moreover, they are relationed with ‘Goblin Market’. I have talked about a repressed sexuality, Victorian morals, religion and feminism. Sexuality because she was a spinster  and it doesn’t seem that it was her desire. Victorian morals because they deprived her from a lot of things. Religion because it was imposed in her house and she was a devote person but from a different point of view of her family or mother had, as instance. Finally, feminism because she shows in her poem a yearning to have freedom and to be independent from men.

All of this, would be reflected in these four analysis and in my conclusion. Here, you can enjoy reading a summary from the whole paper with justifications and with my personal experiences about it.

If you are more interested in Christina Rossetti’s life and you desire to increase your knowledge about her you must take a look in the weblography; specially in the Victorian Web, a great page.

If anybody wants, please put your personal impressions about this authoress to contrast my information. Come on, say that you will!

Finally, let me give you some advice: if you want to give an impression of her personality without any influence of her biography, click here:

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