Subject: #14206 Literatura Anglesa i Discurs Polític

Student´s name: Mengual Roca , Vanessa

Title of the paper: A RATIONAL EDUCATION, a fundamental right

Author or topic: Mary Wollstonecraft

Abstract: In this paper I am going to analyze A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, focusing on education. I have kept to this point specifically but to understand it better I give more complete data. At first, you can read an introduction which gets you into this paper and later you can consult a great deal of information in a biography related with the subject. Later, going to her political, social and cultural turmoils, you can comprehend better Wollstonecraft’s arguments. After that, a detailed analysis is given about her book and its main important points: her refusal of the Enlightenment men’s opinions, how reason is the beginning to exercise power over ourselves and how it is the product of education, considering it as the mainstay of society.  Lastly, everything and more will be gathered in my conclusion.


Auto-evaluation: I think I deserve a mark of 8-9, since I have chosen an engaging and up-to-date topic to the viewer. I have dedicated a lot of effort to go beyond what has been considered a “simple feminist book” and to look for the background of Wollstonecraft’s reasoning, explaining at the end why education is the most powerful weapon to change society. This paper has been done as detailed as it is possible.







Academic Year 2012/2013
©a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
©Vanessa Mengual Roca







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