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Subject :# 14214 Narrativa Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo  C 

Student´s name: Mengual Roca, Vanessa

Title of the paper: I wonder if time and personality are together in Six Sex Scenes. Don’t you?

Author or topic: Adrienne Eisen

Abstract: In this paper I am going to analyze the most  well-known hypertext written by Adrienne EisenSix Sex Scenes; focusing on time and its relation with the story’s background. I have kept to this point specifically but to understand it better I am going to offer the viewer a more complete information. At first, you can read an introduction which introduce you to this paper and later you can consult a great deal of information about the authoress: Adrienne Eisen or Penelope Trunk and about the hypertext. Then, you will know all my impressions about structure and narrative toolsSix Sex Scene topicsspace and time as the character’s responsible. Everything this and more will be gathered in my personal conclusion.

Bibliography, URL’s

Auto-evaluation:I think I deserve a mark of 7-8, as I have dedicated a lot of effort to go beyond a simple sex story and to look for and explain what could be interesting to the viewer.

Academic Year 2009/2010
©a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
©Vanessa Mengual Roca

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Well friend,  I see you need more information about Evelyn Waugh to try inquiring into him.

First of all, I would like you know all his bibliography, so you can visit, here you are going to find biographies, works, diaries&letters, critical studies and his most importants works projected on TV or in the cinema. I recommend you to have a quick look at “Membership”.  You can see how function his international organization.

Maybe, after knowing more about Evelyn Waugh,  from now on you are interested in buying one of his books or simply consult what is available from him on the print market. You should visit this page.

On the other hand, there are some interesting articles on the internet about this author and moreover, you can download some of them if you prefer. You must visit academic’s  google.

In the previous biographies I have mentioned  his elder brother, Alec Waugh, you can download two novels written by him: The Loom of Youth and Famous Adventures and Prison Escapes of the Civil War.

You can consult on-line news about Waugh in the newspapers: The New Yorker (1) (2) and in The New York Times there a lot of articles that you can read clicking hear.

Not only have English newspapers written about Evelyn Waugh, but also Spanish printing press:

Diario Hoy

Diario de Cádiz

El Mundo

El País

If you want to be an expert of Evelyn Waugh and know if he has been a reference for others authors at any moment, you can inquire into several articles and news such as one about Penelope Fitzgerald, another about William Dalrymple or this article about the War written by Dan Plesch.

If you prefer, not be exhausted of reading, our website offers to us a great deal of documentaries from the BBC about his books, his family, etc. Click here! If you prefer watching videos from another side like youtube, click here!

Finally, you can relation all the information provided with these images about this well-known author:

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