My Second Paper’s Conclusion

What I thought the first time I tried to read this hypertext  was: When does it finish? I was reading in front of my laptop and I was roaming through ruminations and memories of this girl without  name and I became nervous because when I clicked a new scene another new appeared. I believed that it never would end but  trying to read it for the third time I was able to see the entire Six Sex Scenes.
As I said in my introduction, because of my inexperience with the hypertext, I chosed this story just because the title struck me. After reading it I realized that hypertexts were not a silly thing  or less powerful than a conventional book like some theorists such as  Sven Birkerts or Annie Proulx (“No one is going to read a novel on a twitchy little screen”) think.

From the outset,  it was hard or in other words “unusual” travel through the story and follow the paths which I wanted. I could control what it would happen later. Now, I wasn’t nervous, I was excited about the story, the plot, questioning me if it would have an outcome, an end, more characters, etc. And by golly the heart of the matter was  Six Sex Scenes wasn’t a book and it wasn’t  a story with an introduction and an end. So, in that moment I remembered every text about hypertext which my English Narrative teacher had recommended us at University.

In fact, I was reading a non-linear text and I was who controlled it. I thought :”Is true that the viewer becomes a co-author”, since it had been read by me the previous months in this subject. So, it’s obvious that if the reader can be a co-author, there will be many opinions about this hypertext as many readers see it. I have focused my title of the paper about time and its repercussions because my impression is that the  main character’s  actual psychology is the result of the spent time .

The story shows she “the girl”,  to who Adrianne Eisen doesn’t asign a name, has suffered a lot of unpleasant circumstances when she was young and nowadays she isn’t a normal girl, having a depression, sexual frustration and more bad things that I exposed when I talked about topics of this hypertext.

I had understood in theory that hypertexts were interactive works and it could include music and images but Six Sex Scenes hasn’t it because the story’s content is maybe too erotic and shocking to add this extra tools. Nonetheless, it isn’t  heavy at all.

Knowingly or unwittingly, I imagined this story in my mind and now I think that it’s better any kind of images because I have in myself my our characters, the story’s places,the  understanding of this and the feeling of reading something new, unknown to many. At the end, I become familiar with Six Sex Scenes and and   I enjoyed reading it sincerely, much more than I had expected.

Adrienne Eisen  has managed to introduce a story of sex apparently  but with  a background with subjects such as child sexual abuse or gender violence, so current nowadays unfortunately.

I can’t say goodbye without invite everybody to read more hypertexts because it will be our daily bread in a near future and to avoid that these topics exposed here happen in our society because as you can verify in Six Sex Scenes it marks you for life.

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