My Second Paper’s Introduction

In this paper I’m going to talk and analize the hypertext Six Sex Scenes because it struck me the title and when I read it I realized that was the hypertext which I was looking for; because my impression was  it didn’t include a simple sex story, it had to be much more than that. In fact I read it several times and I noticed a background in the story very actual nowadays and I decided choose it finally. Nonetheless, I must to confess  I spent a lot of time reading another hypertexts because there are a very good works on the internet currently unknown unfortunately. There is no doubt that this new form of writing is the future because you only have to see the successful interactive games with which everybody enjoy playing.

I have decided dividing my paper in different parts. Firstly, you can read an introduction to know as I have focused the work. It includes some information about the authoress and about hypertext and writers from these new  literary genre. I have summarized some of texts worked in class and highlighted some of the most important points from them. Later, I had to talk about narrative tools because is the way used to write hypertexts. Then, I talk about topics because all my work is relationed with it and how the time influences it. So, there is a page dedicated to temporal markers. I can’t talk about the influence of the time to personality if I don’t situate the facts on a place. Finally, In my conclusion you can see my impressions about  hypertext and more exactly, Six Sex Scenes. This second paper is quite subjective because you are who construct the non-linear story and the information provided in this work is based in my personal point of view and my feelings, anyway I have used some references which you can consult in Weblography.

If anybody wants, please put your personal impressions about this hypertext to contrast my information. Come on, say that you will!

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