Here are some games in order to practice vocabulary in


Our lecturer Laura Angelini gave us several links with interesting games to teach & learn in class. We chose 4 games from the links 7, 8 and 9:

The first game is called ‘choose the correct word’. These are the steps:

  • First of all students have made in class a list of vocabulary from the unit.

  • Students write each word in a card and stick them to the blackboard.

  • Then, students are divided into two teams and the two teams form two rows.

  • The teacher reads a definition with a blank.

  • The two students in front of the rows race to the board to choose the right word.

We have chosen this game because we think that it is a good way to remember vocabulary more easily and in an enjoyable way. With this method they don’t have to study the words, they will remember them because little by little they are thinking at the same time they are playing a game.

The second game is called ‘who is wearing that?’. The steps to play the game are:

  • One student stands up in front of the class.

  • She or he describes one student from the rest of the class.

  • The others try to guess who the student he or she is describing is.

  • The one who knows it and answers it correctly wins and asks the next turn.

We have chosen this game because we think it is a good way to practice adjectives to describe people as well as to acquire vocabulary from clothes and colors.

The third game we have chosen is calledScavenger Hunt. The steps are:

  • They have to find 20 objects.

  • They will have a list of the vocabulary.

  • They’ll go on teams to look for the objects and take a picture.

  • The first one finishing, wins.

We have chosen from link number 9, ‘The Drawing Game a game to have the whole class involved and avoid having bored students or hearing ‘I never get picked’. We have chosen this game because we think is another way of learning vocabulary and check if they have learned in the last unit.

  1. Draw a…. (30 seconds)

  2. ‘The boy on the chair’ chooses their favourite drawing. E.g. the one drawn by ‘number 2, green’.

  3. ‘Number 2, green’ becomes the judge, and will sit on the chair after the game.

  4. Red or Blue erases the blackboard, and the other one chooses the next players.

  5. The teacher can quickly go through the whole class,

  6. The teacher also keeps the students that are sitting now and watching the game intrigued, so everyone is involved in the game.


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