None of these scenes mention any specific country or city where the events happen. The viewer can interpret whatever he/she wants. Maybe the author did this because these events and incidents can happen anywhere and to everyone.

Anyway, the story mentions some common places in our real lifes:

-Her house: the library, the living-room,the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom (bed).

-Shrink consulting room


-Grader boy-girl party

-Store’s dressing room

-Cocktail party and the cocktail party’s toilet

-Department of neurology

-Disney World

-Jazz Bar

-Gingerbread House (the place where the girl and her brother Marc goes while her mother works)

-Kemper Insurance Company (where her mother works)

-Hebrew School

-Psychiatrist consulting room

-Doctor (to her abortion)

All places are very common but what is important in this hypertext is what happens in them. The house doesn’t reflect home sweet home, but a series of conflicts and marital problems, a dysfunctional family and sexual abuses. The school is not shown as a place for students, but reflects the difference between the main character with the rest of her classmates. Is relevant a lot that at any time  is said  the girl to have friends. The store’s changing room also is colored by sex in the same way that all the scenes that take place in a bathroom or toilet. Finally, medical consulting rooms  are a reflection of the psychological problems of the girl.

One more time, another element from this hypertext goes beyond or conceals some more than it is.

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