My first paper ‘s conclusion

As soon as I chose this author, Evelyn Waugh, I gradually became  aware of my knowledge about him was minimum and I should do a hard work of searching. This led me to took  a long time in front of my laptop exploring on the Internet universe. As a result, I realized that his noteworthy works in the field of English literature were strongly linked to his biography, the point of reference on my paper. So, I started to inquire into his more significant personal experiences to get the right impression from him to come to several conclusions as well as to write a clear and organized work which let you to synthesize all the available information about this famous writer.

At first, there is no doubt  that Waugh to come into the  world of letters by his father, Arthur Waugh, literary critic and publisher. Anyway, this was only to force one’s way through literature because the road to success was designed by himself. Waugh was become famous not only by his works, but also by his odd life which was not a bed of roses.

Homosexuality became evident in him and for this sexual behaviour or “misconduct”, according to some people, he got bad reviews. Afterwards, he attempted to suicide and four years later got married but his wife was unfaithful to him to top it all, getting the divorce subsequently. Moreover, he was an alcoholic. So, I suppose that all these misfortunes affected him.  He turned to catholicism for help just as he said:”Christianity or chaos”.

Up to now is everything all right but I have planned this approach carefully. The Catholicism is contrary to homosexuality, so it’s a striking feature he clinged to this belief when in a previous time he was homosexual and he never  said he was regretful of having practise this sexual inclination. I can appreciate that his thoughts were too obscured in the different periods of his life. My point of view is he was dissatisfied with society in general, we have to consider that he lived the World War II, and he realized that to survive he couldn’t go on as if nothing had happened in his life, so he made use of catholicism to achieve, as I would say, an “aura of straightness”.

I consider that he opt for religion to go on alive because when he was fourteen his father sending him to Lancing College of Anglican Character. It was his first experience with beliefs and, on his thirties, when he lived a moment of desesperation, he needed to come back at this stage of his life in which  his conduct was more normal. He could have returned to anglican conversion but he prefered catholicism, maybe by the “Oxford Movement” which was taking place in that time.

In any case, Evelyn Waugh followed satirizing his society and for that reason he got the scorn of some  and the support of others and the later renown(1.6) such as Gore Vidal( if we remember his outspoken sexual orientation had denied him canonical status as a writer) who called him: “our time’s first satirist”. Another critic called Myers thought of him that he developed an anarchic humour in his works.

To sum up and referring to my title of paper I think catholicism  in this case was the resort in which Waugh took refuge in to remain alive and to write,  in which he enjoyed and felt himself recognized. Besides, carrying this paper out, I have realised how many curious  details can be included in the biography of a writer like Evelyn Waugh. So, I think that this work has been very positive for me and for those who wish to take a look, not only it  helps you to know about this author, but also you may discover that there is beyond a few biographical facts and whether it influence or is reflected in his work(1.5).

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